Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Too Funny

This week’s edition of inSOMnia, a humorous newsletter put together by students at Yale SOM, featured a story about a Korean-style soap opera trailer created by first-year students at the school. The video is on YouTube and can be found here.

The video’s hilarious, but the article in inSOMnia is even funnier. Here’s the bulk of it:

“Several first-year ‘stars’ were shocked to learn that their pilot deal with NBC-Seoul fell through yesterday when a two-minute trailer was discovered on YouTube by a sharp-eyed SOM internet sleuth. . . . Bloggers and critics quickly jumped on the story, posting the video link on several mirror sites and shooting it around faster than Alexey Vayner’s infamous bench press. NBC executives axed the show after seeing the graphic depictions of abuse, lack of dialogue, and complete and utter disregard for narrative coherence and recognizable plot . . . Further damaging the show’s chances, say executives, were instructions to “Turn in Tuesdays,” an apparent suggestion to go to bed early and miss the show. Adding insult to injury, focus groups in Chicago were especially confused as to what time the show was supposed to air, seeing as Central Time is one hour before Eastern Standard Time. Insiders claim the cancellation was caused by pressure from School of Management officials who were understandably dismayed by the depictions of violent, astronaut-like love triangles, empty classrooms, and an entirely Korean student body. . . . But the real shame is that these hard-working students took time to make such a professional trailer on top of the ultra-rigorous workload experienced only by the Class of 2008 (and none before them in the history of SOM). Seriously, they have “so much work,” as they remind anyone listening time and time again, and again, and again, and again, and again.”