Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Reclamation Proclamation

Well, a new year has begun. This will be the year that I graduate from business school and move to New York; this will be the year that I get my life back.

I wouldn’t allow myself to think about my move to Manhattan during the fall semester. It seemed so far away. But last week, I started to look online to see how much rent I could expect to pay for a share in Manhattan. I also began to think about where I would like to live, which neighborhoods would suit me best.

Though my workload will be demanding this semester – especially during the first half – I am resolved to spend more time with friends at Yale and in New York. I even have a date coming up with someone who seems to possess long-term potential.

Having spent the last year and a half devoted to my professional development, I am finally going to give my personal life the attention it deserves.